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Achieve Your Fitness Goals In 2021 With Actxa

With the introduction of the annual National Steps Challenge hosted by the Singapore Health Promotion Board, citizens of the tiny island nation of various ages and backgrounds have gradually become more attuned and incentivised to pay more attention to their health and fitness levels.

This is where Actxa comes in.

Track Your Step Count, Distance Travelled, and Active Minutes For Better Health

To help Singaporeans jump start their fitness journey, the Health Promotion Board also hands out fitness trackers to participants each season. The very same trackers are made and provided by Actxa, a Singaporean company which made its debut with the first-ever National Steps Challenge in 2015.

Actxa was established and founded by the people behind Activate Interactive — a company that specialises in a myriad of digital health and fitness products aimed at improving the quality of people’s lives. The company is also the developer of Healthy 365, the official app for the National Steps Challenge.

Currently, Actxa is positioned to be the Internet of Things (IoT) arm of Activate Interactive which focuses on bringing digital health products and services to the market, whereas parent/sister company Activate Interactive intends to continue its pursuit of newer software and technology.

For the company, 2015 was a particularly significant milestone in its short history. For one, they won the all-important tender to supply fitness trackers for the pilot season of the National Steps challenges. Also, they had to work with manufacturing partners, conduct integration, testing, and everything in between all the way through to going live in a seemingly short eight-week span.

Though the countless hours and blood, sweat, and tears were definitely worth it as the Actxa Stride (their first product) was released to the public with an overwhelmingly positive response — with around 250,000 Actxa Strides in the hands (or rather, on the wrists) of the public by 2016.

Since its inception in 2015, Actxa has sold more than 800,000 fitness trackers. And more impressively, while most of their current customers and users are located in their home country, their products have also managed to penetrate a number of foreign markets around the world.

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