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Rodeo — Advertising On The Go

Rodeo (no, not that kind of rodeo) is a way to earn extra money while you’re on the go by converting your vehicle, usually a car, into a moving billboard.

Convert Your Car Into A Moving Billboard

Rodeo is an on-demand tech company established in 2016 that specializes in turning your average, run-of-the-mill vehicle such as cars, lorries, motorcycles, and taxis into moving billboards and advertisements. Moreover, the company is not only looking to revolutionise the advertising industry but it’s also keen on obtaining insightful real-time data for each campaign.

Rodeo looks to connect both the traditional and digital realm to create a hybrid offering for its client base. Their range of riders typically includes e-hailing drivers who ferry customers on a daily basis. Though, any driver may join Rodeo as long as they have a vehicle — with each rider’s earnings tied to the type of campaign and the size/type of adverts applied on the car. 

Each driver is also given a specific monthly KPI to achieve wherein their earnings will be measured via the Rodeo app. Simply tap on the ON button, and you’re good to go!

Rodeo currently has a wide range of client portfolios which includes HappyFresh, Fave, PropertyGuru, and more. But the company is also looking to penetrate into the international market as plans to launch Rodeo in Indonesia, Canada, Vietnam, South Africa, and some parts of the European market are currently underway.

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